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Achille Lauro Eurovision

Exhibition in San Marino on the official Eurovision YouTube channel

The video “Stripper”, the song by Achille Lauro It will lead to the race for San Marino.

In this case, it is the performance that took place during the Una voce final in San Marino, the competition that saw the artist win Burak Yetter and Alessandro Colli Come here Aaron Sibley.

The second final at San Marino level

It was the second final in San Marino’s history at Eurovision. The first was created following the much talked about and won 1in360 mechanism Jessica and Jennifer Brenning With “who are we“.

The strangeness was that this happened in Bratislava, ironically in a country that has not even participated in Eurovision since 2012, which is Slovakia. Anyway, the Maltese-German duo stopped out in the semi-finals.

This is the fourth time that an Italian artist has represented San Marino. twice times I will finishin 2011 withcommentAnd in 2021 withadrenalineIn this case with the American rapper If you are satisfiedone of Michel Perniolain 2015 withstring lights“Together with Anita SimonciniShe’s from San Marino Court. Only “Adrenalina” of these made it to the final.

San Marino had other actors who were not from their country: the Turk Serhat (2016 with “I do not know“and 2019 with”say na na na‘) and the United States Jimmy Wilson (With the fourth time of Valentina MonettaWith “night spirit“).

And for the second time in a row, two Italian singers will be on the same Eurovision stage. Instead, there were four years in which there was no clash between Italian songs, whether integral or partial.

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San Marino at Eurovision 2022

Achille Lauro He will participate in the second semi-final, scheduled for Thursday 12 May at 21:00 with live coverage on Rai1. This is the evening when Italy does not have the right to vote, so the Romanian singer will not be able to count on the help of his country of origin to request entry into the final chapter.