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“Already allocated 4.5 billion, hurry for those who want some visibility” –

“Already allocated 4.5 billion, hurry for those who want some visibility” –

More than 4 billion has already been earmarked, but that’s not all. This is the main message delivered by the Prime Minister. Georgia MeloneyIn his letter to the Governor of Emilia Romagna and Deputy Commissioner for Reconstruction, Stefano BonaciniOn the Management of the Recovery Program for the Emilia Region.

Controversy erupted with Democratic accusations by Secretary Schlein and Bonacini, who specifically attacked the executive. Delayed payment for reconstruction calls for accountability.

Thus, in the last few hours, the Prime Minister intervened, sent criticism back to the sender and ensured that the majority gave concrete and speedy assistance to the priority areas. You are the floodIt was hit hard last May. “One of the objectives of the administration is to provide compensation to all private individuals who have suffered damage, in addition to the protection and reconstruction of infrastructure.”.

In this regard, Meloni reiterated that it is essential to obtain accurate and detailed assessments that allow for the proper measurement of damages and, therefore, adequate funding must be allocated. “As you know, these estimates have not yet been sent to the commissioner’s office by the regionIt should proceed to obtain affidavit assessment from private persons according to the simplified procedure provided by law, “as well as the procedures defined by the structure of the commissioner”.

So to the head of the FdI, claims two mandates issued by Rome, according to information “You’ve Never Seen a Euro”.

The Prime Minister asked everyone to work in one direction and put an end to controversies that are not in the interest of the society. «We must not succumb to the rush and frenzy of responding to someone’s desire to gain some visibility by stirring up useless controversies.».

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In five pages, the President did not take a dig at Bonacini, who recalled that he had been assigned the post of Deputy Commissioner. “Work with determination in the service of society”. From here Maloney’s approach was criticized and dose escalated Governor: Â «I did not get a chance to read any word from you in support of the measures taken by the government».

Government initiatives

In that letter, the Prime Minister mentioned steps taken in various measures, totaling 4.5 billion (he mentions). In the speech he cited Decree Law 61/23, in which 1.8 billion resources are mobilized for the safety and security of business and the working world. Another 2.7 billion has been allocated by Decree 88/23 – he wrote again – primarily addressed to the restoration of infrastructure and hydrological networks heavily damaged by the effects of floods. These two main measures include – as he explained in the letter – a series of initiatives ranging from the establishment of an extraordinary fund for the support of educational continuity (20 million) to a single shock absorber of 620 million euros for disabled workers. Work. Other measures related to, among other things, self-employed workers (253 million by 2023), guarantee funds for SMEs (110 million). The Chief Minister’s long and tortuous list mentions, among other things, 2.5 billion planned for reconstruction for the three-year period 2023-25.