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Almost 90% of taxes go to the state: so municipalities and regions are struggling ت

Almost 90% of taxes go to the state: so municipalities and regions are struggling ت

“Central public administration is increasingly sitting in defense of its mediating role.” These are the conclusions of a study Italian General Crafts Federation (CGIA) in Mestre who notices how Almost 9 euros out of 10 That citizens pay as taxes expire In the hands of the central state. And this is despite the fact that local administrations (which still own 14.6% of the total, equal to 75 billion) manage a greater part of public spending. The data refer to 2019.

Thus, the municipalities and regions must refer to Rome to cover the expenses. Another step that proves problematic. Yes, because the delivery times in the central administration are far from fast.

Simplify the comprehensive tax framework. How much is personal income tax, value added tax and iris

“Simplifying the general framework, reducing taxes and levies which, for the Treasury, are more of a cost than an advantage.” This is another point insisted by the union’s report, which is drawn up in light of the upcoming tax reform. The picture illustrated by the study is for a few “big” taxes that alone affect the most revenue from taxpayers. the first 20 pieces, for example, worthy 90% of the treasury. While IRPF, VAT and Iris alone equals 62% from public resources.

How much taxes have increased in the last 20 years in Italy

Lack of decentralization and complexity. But not only. In the two decades prior to 2019, the trend in taxes was represented by an increase: in short, more is paid. The data show that, because in 2000, tax authorities and local authorities collected €350.5 billion, against the 516.6 billion euros In 2019. An increase of 166 billion is 47.4% since the beginning of the surveys.

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Comparing the increase in taxes with the country’s growth, the CGIA in Mistry stressed that the growth in payments was not accompanied by an improvement in battery (3.5% in 20 years): In short, taxes impoverished Italians, “By not helping make the country grow,” that is the conclusion of the union. Inflation is also not an explanation: it increased in surveys by 37%, which is 10 points less than the increase in revenue.

Tax relief will probably be implemented if the global tax project for multinational corporations starts (Here What is it and what is state of the art). To save money by reshaping state aid, the government is also considering canceling the receipt lottery (Who is the Everything you need to know).