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Alfa Romeo Junior: designers speak

Alfa Romeo Junior: designers speak

From Milan to Junior but always Alpha -The much-followed and also complex first appearance ofAlfa Romeo Junior Which was initially supposed to be called Milan (from to know more). Many of your comments on articles and videos on alVolante.itas well as on our social channels: it gives a measure of the extent anticipation There was an Alfa car that represented, for many reasons, the before and after phases of the company's history. While we were waiting to be able to drive the new Junior, we went to the Alfa Romeo Design Center in Turin Let us tell you about it How this crossover was born directly from those who designed it.

Engineer and designer – Alfa Romeo Product Manager, Engineer Daniel Thiago Gosavam, explained to us what the synergy with Stellantis consists of, what components of Junior are shared with the group and where the Biscione crossover differs from its “cousins” with the same mechanics. With one number from the Alfa Romeo model center Alejandro Mesonero Romanos I went on to discover the many details that make up Junior's character, and the reasons for some of the stylistic choices such as the large Biscione logo in the shield on the front of the car. In short, in video you can see below You will go on a trip toAlfa Romeo Junior To understand every aspect.

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