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Alessandro Bacciano and Soleil Sorge, a new courtship?  / "Let's get away and make trouble"

Alessandro Bacciano and Soleil Sorge, a new courtship? / “Let’s get away and make trouble”

Alessandro Bacciano Since entering the house Big Brother VIP 2021 They committed a massacre in hearts, they know it all too well Sophie Codegoni and Jessica Selassie. Unhappy to open it up, the boy keeps getting closer and closer Soleil rise And just last week, he admitted to the influencer that he was interested in her. Alessandro Bacciano After declaring himself to Sulli and receiving a resounding disapproval, he began to respond Sophie Codejoni.

During one of the many parties organized by older brother Alessandro and Sully, they come back to harass each other and expose the former Seduction Island Morocco to Soleil rise: “I will never oppose you. I am very happy and we think of many things too. However, you know that if you want we can continue to sleep together. If you want we can also put up barriers you want. I am your partner, I am very attached to you, think of a true ally.” “. Soleil rise He admitted that he could not resist the boy’s smile and wanted to confess: “You send me a sneer when you laugh like that.”.

Alessandro Bacciano and Soleil ever get close… a new flirt?

The authors added a little spice at that time Alessandro Bacciano and Sully Sorge I decided to stream two songs before White through it You are driving me crazy Alessandro pulled out all his seductive cards and sang the song while looking the saddle in the eyes and during the song. white nights The two of them started to dance and rub each other.

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After dancing together, Sully Sorge whispered to his roommate: “Let’s get away from causing trouble in another way. If we continue like this, everyone will hate us.”, ma Alessandro Bacciano Unhappy, he continued to provoke Sully by saying: “We touch each other twice though when we do huh. Alright. Let’s make it big, let’s make a real mess”. Who knows how he reacted? Sophie Codejoni Who in the past few days had begun to allow himself to go to the boy’s progress.

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