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Agreement on the contract.  Since December also arrears

Agreement on the contract. Since December also arrears

Negotiations on contract renewal are entering their final stages a contract National Bank. Yesterday, the Castel led by Ilaria Dalla Riva, on the one hand, and the general secretaries of the five trade unions Fabi, First Cisl, Fisac ​​Cgil, Uilca and Unisin, on the other hand, returned to sit at the table to try to close the game, after a few days of back and forth. Thus, the 280,000 breathless workers whose contracts have been up for nearly a year could get the long-awaited answers by Friday. Especially those related to the economic part, with increases of 435 euros, fully operational in three years.

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This afternoon, at 5pm, a plenary session is scheduled during which the ABI will explain to the unions the final package containing the new rules of the contract. An appointment will be preceded at 11 a.m. by a technical meeting during which some important topics will be decided, including the method for determining working hours, the duration of the three-year contract, the control room for new technologies and the digital bank, mobility, transfers, the use of the labor fund, and the presence of employees on the boards of directors of banks. , manageability, and full restoration of the basis for calculating end-of-service benefits, training, maternity, and illnesses.

Open points
It is possible that the agreement between the banking world and the unions will actually be signed between tomorrow and Friday. The CASL meeting, urgently convened yesterday morning, appears to have been decisive in resolving the impasse. On just the first day, it seemed that any prospect of an agreement was faltering, with an increasingly distant view between union organizations and Abe. Then in the afternoon, the organizational proposals were monitored, with union observations presented by Fabi’s national secretary, Elisabetta Mercaldo, along with “General” Cellione. According to what was leaked, the salary increases will take effect as of December 1, with part of the arrears starting in 2023 (this point is still being determined).

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Another notable element of the new contract is the full reinstatement of the 100% rule for calculating end-of-service benefits, after it was reduced in 2012 and then partially restored in 2019. There will also be changes in employee movements and transitions – employees, with an increase in each of kilometers and age beyond which the bank cannot transfer an employee. Trade policies remain at the heart of the debate with the strengthening of the bilateral national committee dealing with trade pressure on the sales network, which will be fully integrated into the national contract. It is also expected that the current employment fund designated for the employment of young people under 35 years of age will be used to pay part of the salaries (25%) of senior workers who work part-time, in exchange for the entry of new young people. From 2010 to date, thanks to the Employment Fund, 40,000 young people have entered the country. A tool strongly demanded by the Union.

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