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After the armistice: the tax office cuts the time for volumes in half

After the armistice: the tax office cuts the time for volumes in half

The free ride has ended: The fIsco He comes back to knocking on the doors of the Italians to collect the amount owed after a suspension that lasted more than three months. As of September 4, the notifications will be sent by the Revenue Agency to organize Situations regarding personal income tax and value added tax will take place within 30 days instead of the 60 days that the Draghi government decided in mid-May.

What is about to change

So, from September the situation From reimbursement to those who have already received the first notice: one month and not two months to pay taxes: as you remember Prophetthe taxpayer will be required to pay the accrued interest and the penalty will be reduced to one third qu one normally provided in cases of omissions and late payment of taxesThose who received a notification electronically must instead make the payment and take advantage of the reduced procedure within three months from the date the notification was issued. In the event of an error by the tax authorities, the taxpayer may himself be notified of the reduction immediately: in In this case, payments must in any case be made within 30 days of the original communication.

Penalties and benefits

Obviously, those who respect the one-month deadline will not have to pay any additional interest or penalties. On the other hand, those who are considered lazy will have one a plus 30% can be reduced to 15% if payment is made within 90 days. If the delay is further shortened by falling within 15 days, the fine will be reduced to 1% for each day of delay. Three months later, the IRS will activate “The normal collection procedure for tax refund‘, at 100% interest and penalty: in practice, there will be a famous sending of a tax bill.

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What is the “race of repentance”

As seen on, until September 15, 2022, it will be possible to take advantage of “Quick Repentance”, valid only if the missing amount is repaid within 14 days of the expiration date: an additional 0.1% will be required for each day of delay and the interest will be equal to 1.25%. After 15 days and until the 30th, the fine will increase by 1.50% and the so-called “short repentance” will be applied. Finally, if the payment is made after 30 days but within 90 days, a fine of 1.67% will be imposed, which will rise to 3.75% if the payment exceeds the deadlines and will be made within three months and the year.