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After 29 years, he broke the world record for 400 hurdles

After 29 years, he broke the world record for 400 hurdles

Karsten Warholm Enters the history of athletics and results New world record in 400 hurdles. The Norwegian athlete, in front of his fans in Oslo, during the Norwegian Diamond League round, fell by 8 cents (46’70) the record set by Kevin Young in Barcelona in 1992. After 29 years, his performance impressed more than 5,000 spectators who were able to admire the extraordinary feat of Warholm.

The Norwegian athlete immediately started very strong, and immediately focused all attention on him. Warholm immediately got off to a great start Immediately complete acquisition of the track. He calculated the times perfectly for attacking obstacles and was pretty good at keeping the same pace to the finish line, causing very big holes in all the opponents.

It is impossible to take your eyes off this extraordinary display of strength. Start at full speed from lane 7, Warholm outperformed his opponents and never hesitated to try to time his shooting at 46.70. At the end of the race, he broke down in tears, almost suspicious of that track and on the court that had been cheering him on all along. But last week, it was Ray Benjamin runs at 46.83 In the US Olympic Trials to determine the second fastest time in history.

There is only a third athlete, the Qatari Abderrahmane Samba, which was able to drop to less than 47 at the distance. However, Warholm’s performance is truly an exceptional one. The Norwegian fought his first 400m hurdles in 2021. Next week there will be a duel with Ray Benjamin in Monaco before the run. Olympic final in Tokyo On the 3rd of this coming August, it will be all fun given the extraordinary form of these athletes.

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