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Bronze TORTO 200 Double Medal in Hedges

Bronze TORTO 200 Double Medal in Hedges

Another great evening for Italy on the fifth day of competitions European Athletics Championships to me Munich: Blues, the next day to go Gianmarco Tampere In the upper male, a silver and two bronze coins are brought into the house.

The Europeans: Abdul Wahed Silver and Osama Zughlami Bronze in the Three Thousand Men’s Hedges

Of the 3,000 men, the finalists for Italy were three, the gold medal was not there but two came anyway. merit Ahmed AbdelwahedSilver at 8’22” and 35 Osama Zoghlamibronze at 8’23” 44, while Alaa Zoghlami, Osama’s twin, placed seventh at 8’27” 82. The Three Blues attacked a few laps from the end but the Finn did it rat Raitanen He fought back and managed to take gold at 8’21” 80, bypassing Abdul Wahed and Osama in the final.

Europeans: Torto bronze in the men’s 200

However, it was the most awaited Filippo Turteauon stage shortly after in the men’s 200, 24 years of Costa Lampro Did not betray expectations. Gold was impossible, also because Torto had a fairly high reaction time, but Filippo managed to take bronze in the comeback at 20″ 27, the first European medal in this race for Italy even from a gold Petro Minia to me Prague 1978. The continental title went to the top candidate, the Briton Zarnell Hughes At 20″ 07, the United kingdom Sign up twice because Nathaniel Mitchell Blake He won the silver medal in 20″ 17.

Europeans: results of all evening races

other races. In the eighties of the last century for men Simon Barontini He qualified for second place in the first semi-final at 1’48” 51. and Dutch Vimek Paulafter one in the 400 floors, also won the gold in the women’s 400 hurdles in 52″ 67, a championship record, silver and bronze for the Ukrainians Victoria Tkachuk (54″ 30) and Anna Reznova (54″ 86), seventh Iomed Fluoronso At 55″ 91. In the opposite men’s race, the Norwegian champion returns in front of everyone Karsten Warholmgold at 47″ 12, the record for championships, silver for the French Wilfried Happio (48″ 56) Turkish Bronze Yasmani Kopelo (48 “78). In the launch of the golden disc mentioned the son of Lithuanian art Micholas Alekna (69.78, championship record), silver for Slovenian Christian Sieh (68.28) Bronze for the British Lawrence Okoye (67 “14).

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In the 1500s female Jaya Sabatini She is the ninth in 4’06” 04 and Ludovica Cavalli Twelfth at 4’10” 93, British gold Laura Muir (4’01” 08), Irish silver Clara Majin (4’02″56), Polish bronze Sophia Al-Nawi (4’03 “59). In the women’s triple jump he went to Ukraine Marina Bech Romanchuk With 15.02 Finnish silver Christina McKella (14.64) Israeli bronze Hanna Minimo (14:45), tithes Otavia Sestonaro at 13.48. Finally, in the women’s 200 class, Swiss gold Mujinja Kampunge (22″ 32), British silver Dina Asher Smith (22″ 43), Danish bronze Ida Karstoft (22″ 72), seventh Dalia Kadari At 23″ 19.