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Abarth, the new 500 is stunning: a special edition for the 75th anniversary of the Scorpion

Abarth, the new 500 is stunning: a special edition for the 75th anniversary of the Scorpion

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Often when we talk about new car launches, or events that celebrate a particular style, the focus can get a bit lost: but not in this case.

Many models have found a way, over time, to carve out an important space for themselves in the automotive sector and achieve a certain success as well, but few of them have succeeded in doing so. It crossed borders, decades, and all of history.

It is undoubtedly one of these 500which also with Abarth He has found a lifeline and an eloquence that one never ceases to admire. And now it's done More and more.

the The new 500 Abarth, it is Truly unique: in the concrete sense of the word because it is conventionally beautiful, as well as beautiful. It's also a real e Special is “unique” by definition.

In this sense, it is because we have reached a special edition, because 75th anniversary of those born under Scorpio: It happened Unique and rare together.

Unique anniversaries and perfect celebrations: here is the new Abarth

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary, here is the killer model: With the Abarth 695 we celebrate the 75th anniversary, the new limited edition car of the 695. A true gem that will have only a few examples available, with a total of 1,368 cars, which celebrate the first 75 years of the brand Well-known and famous cars.

So Abarth will celebrate its 75th anniversary with a spectacular event: the company dedicates itself and gives us a special 695th 75th anniversary. What kind of model will it be? As mentioned, only 1,368 units will be offered with the same displacement as Fiat's popular 1.4-litre T-Jet petrol engine, the brand's flagship for the Abarth 500.

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A special anniversary, that's how Abarth is celebrated

For the 695 75th Anniversary model, the engine promises to deliver 180 hp and 250 Nm of torque at three thousand rpm which should ensure From zero to one hundred kilometers in six and seven seconds And the speed above 225 kilometers per hour.

Suggestive aesthetics, special stickers in tribute the scorpion and its anniversary, Loghi Abarth coursesThat is, with 17-inch wheels, many features appear, such as the new carbon sports seats or the choice of black Alcantara on the dashboard. The special logo cannot be missing 75th anniversary of the brand, Who found new life and new enthusiasm to be able to applaud the achievement of this glorious and historic achievement end line. An important moment for all Abarth fans, who are increasingly present in our cities, as well as for professionals who will thus be able to admire a timeless icon in its reverent but still florida age.