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A record in 2021 for the Court of Credito Sportivo

A record in 2021 for the Court of Credito Sportivo

2021 Growing for Istituto at Il Credito Sportivo (ICS), which ended the year in excellent numbers, confirming a positive trend that had already appeared in 2020. ICS, the Social Bank for Sustainable Development of Italy through Sport and Culture, set a new record in terms of spending 342 million euros in loans (+6%) compared to 2020, both in relation to Approved amounts up to 372 million euros of new credit lines, a remarkable increase of about 63.8 million euros (+21%) compared to 2020. The increase in sports and cultural infrastructure development loans, which reached 277 million euros, is particularly significant, with a growth of nearly 58 million euros (+26%) compared to As of 2020, nearly two-thirds of it was in favor of local authorities and one-third in favor of businesses and non-profit organizations.

The commitment to the culture sector is great, one of the eligible targets for the 2020-2023 Business Plan: €43 million in loans, €37 million for local authorities and €6 million for private entities. Thanks to the funds spent by the Institute, it became possible to develop projects in the field of culture for more than 104 million euros. It is therefore necessary to support liquidity for companies, clubs and amateur sports federations in the context of the pandemic, with payments equal to 65 million euros facilitated through the intervention of special funds, guarantees and interest contributions, thanks to the measures envisaged by the “Sostegni Bis” dedicated to sport and managed on behalf of the state by the ICS.

In addition to, New production lines in short-term operations: Factoring and buying tax credits, with the disbursement of 13 million euros. Significant figures, achieved in a macroeconomic context marked by uncertainty caused by the health emergency, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the new regulatory model envisaged in the Business Plan 2020-2023.

the General Manager, Ludovico Mazzolin, emphasizes the determination of ICS towards innovation and sustainable development: “We have implemented innovative financial solutions to meet the needs of the sports and cultural sector, taking advantage of the closer link between finance and social issues, with the aim of liberating all possibilities to support the healthy development of our country. The Bank has also worked resolutely to support the liquidity allocated to amateur companies Sports, clubs and associations. In particular, for the latter, thanks to the production of 2020 and 2021, we reached 168.60 million euros in payments to overcome the context of the epidemic. Credito Sportivo reached a record production last year, launching new production lines and solutions, Continuing to innovate with a strong social orientation and sustainable development. We are planning other solutions to enhance our offer and meet the needs of different target customers, which makes us confident in the future.”

“The satisfactory results achieved by the ICS in 2021 represent an important step in the growth path outlined by the Business Plan 2020-2023, which aims to create economic and social value for the benefit of our country, through the sustainable development of sport and culture,” comments Andrea Aboudi, President of the Institute.

“Achieving profits and benefit, as we were able last year at levels not reached by the Institute in its long history, is a distinctive and qualifying element of our mission as a public bank that feels a duty to contribute to Re-launch Italy And to improve the well-being and quality of life of an increasing number of individuals and companies that dedicate themselves in various ways to sport and culture. We are also proud of the new track that started in 2021 for Promoting the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of our countryIn agreement with the Ministry of Culture, with 73 authorized state and private projects, which, thanks to our funding, have mobilized investments of more than 104 million euros”, Aboudi adds.

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