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Denounced, as he received citizenship income - Libero Quotidiano

Denounced, as he received citizenship income – Libero Quotidiano

Only these days when citizenship is in the crosshairs Mario Draghi News arrives that is nothing short of absurd. In Asti, a man appeared in a furniture store with him 30 thousand euros in cash. The man wanted to buy the furniture for his new home. Nothing strange so far, except that the man received citizenship income. Exactly, the support grillino is intended for those with economic difficulties.

“on that Buying a new bedroom“He told the staff but at the time of paying the bill he didn’t want to show the credit or debit cards but just opened the envelope and extracted the banknotes and put them in the cash desk. Request – explains Corriere della Sera – which immediately seemed strange to those present. This is what a person has Acknowledge receiving income from M5s.

a result? In addition to the complaint about improperly receiving income, the man’s violation of the anti-money laundering rule was also challenged. This is how the investigations of Asti’s financiers began. The man was in good company, with 29 other people being denounced for illegally bringing home citizenship income each month. In fact, none of them should feel that way.

Also among them was a non-EU citizen who had arrived in Italy a few months earlier. The man had filled out the application declaring that he had lived in Piedmont for more than ten years and was therefore entitled to the benefit. And again, there are also those who “forgot” to inform the INPS that, after seeking state assistance, he found a permanent job and thus changed his income. In short, just enough to embarrass the M5s leader Giuseppe Conte And the minister Luigi Di Maio.

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