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A passerby notices two abandoned puppies, but with something strange: he calls for help

A passerby notices two abandoned puppies, but with something strange: he calls for help

Two abandoned dogs noticed by a passerby reveal a very sweet story. Let’s find out together where this happens.

Two abandoned dogs –

Today’s story is beautiful and poignant, with two little dogs as the protagonists. We desperately need stories like this, especially in times like the present. It tells us about the amazing humanity of some people and also about the great sensitivity of these animals which, not by chance, are known as man’s best friend. Let’s see where we are together.

A passerby noticed two abandoned puppies

Unfortunately, stories of abandoned animals are heard every day. Despite numerous awareness campaigns by animal rights activists, association representatives and veterinarians, even today People choose to get rid of their pets.

The reasons are varied, from a lack of foresight at the time of adoption, which is followed by an awareness of not being able to take care of them, through to simple selfishness when one decides to get a puppy possibly affected by the Christmas holidays. Then there he realizes that an animal can also lead to restrictions on one’s lifestyle, such as holidays.

abandoned dogs
Two abandoned dogs –

However, all of these reasons have one thing in common recklessness And also a little love for these creatures, who are often abandoned in difficult circumstances, without resorting to some attachment, perhaps for fear of not being helped. Thus, in addition to the pain an animal experiences from having to separate from its human reference (and of course without understanding why), there is also an enormous risk to its health.

Many of these stories contain tragic endings, with the dogs possibly dying of starvation, precarious health conditions or being accidentally hit by a car. Fortunately for each of these stories, there are other times that act as a counterpart, also restoring our faith in humanity.

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This story that spread around the world, It tells of two abandoned dogs, which are gradually noticed by a passer-by. A chance vision saved his life. We are located in Irvine, California.

Irvine’s Dogs and Their Happy Endings

Fortunately, the man who noticed the puppies of two different species soon realized that they were not there by chance or in the company of their master. In fact, they were rather frustrated at a street corner near a gate.

Sensing the danger to their health, the man immediately contacted a local association that deals with animal rescue, The Logan Legacy. It is precisely its founder who intervenes, Suzette Hall. She herself tells us the story spread through her official Facebook profile, where she also shared photos of the moment of discovery.

Suzette and the dogs
Suzette and the two dogs –

Knowing that the two dogs had been there for a week, the woman immediately ran to save them. He was a Pit Bull and a Yorkie, both females. It is not clear whether the two puppies originally belonged to the same family, because they showed a certain attachment and trust, as if they belonged to the same litter.

A strange event, Mrs. Hall tells us, reminded her of the movie Twins with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito. This was because they acted as if they were actually sisters. Whether the reason was that they were thrown together or mortgaged afterwards is unknown. What is so tender is what happened next.

Hall’s intention was to take the puppies one by one to take them to the vet. There is nothing to do, because at the sight of the car they begin to wag their tails happily, realizing that they have been saved. However, when it came time to put the Yorkie in the car, the tender Pitbull refused to let go of her “sister”, crying with her nose stuck in the window.

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At that point, Suzette had to give up and take them to the vet, where only after they realized they could be together did they relax and sleep together in the same cage. The woman adopted them both so as not to expose them to the trauma of separation. And he called them… Thelma and Louise!