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No alcohol to stay sober

No alcohol to stay sober

This premiere bar in London, designed entirely for abstainers and staying sober, is part of a project to raise awareness and recovery from alcoholism. Let’s find out more together.

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in England go to pub After work and on weekends it is part of the daily lifestyle. It is a true cult that also fascinates tourists who cannot miss it during Serving, to visit the most famous historical taverns. As for those who wish to attend one of these special places without touching alcohol, prof London Now there is a new possibility.

It has already been open for a few months soda club, the city’s first bar designed specifically for non-drinkers. Upon entering it looks normal pub Complete with bottles on the shelves and behind the counter. However, this place is designed just for them abstainers Or for those who want to stay balanced But without giving up the atmosphere of pubs and socializing.

Club Soda, London’s first titular pub

Sober London bar
Credit Katzenfee50 Pixabay

Since last November a Covent Garden, a popular neighborhood in London’s West Endteetotalers and non-alcoholic beverage enthusiasts have a new reference point, namely Club soda bar. The venue is an initiative of the Club Soda Association, founded in 2015, to provide an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which welcome people with alcoholism. Instead of establishing group therapy for former alcoholics through the classic twelve-step process, the association soda club Everything is focused on organizing events And evenings as it usually happens in Cafe Where alcohol is consumed.

Here then is that in soda club In Covent Garden you can take part in it tasting, workshops, receive advice on how to handle a first date with someone interesting or get information on treatments for family members who are addicted to alcohol and much more. But what do you drink in the first place refrain bar? Soon it was said!

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Club Soda show

Sober customers soda club They have a wide range of drinks to choose from. Here they can be purchased wine Soft drinks, non-alcoholic beers and other non-alcoholic beverages. Customers’ impression is often distorted because some drinks are available from well-known companies that use similar names and bottles but for alcohol-free products, adding the wording “Zero alcohol“.

The prices aren’t exactly cheap. 11 pounds (12 euros) for a bottle of Non-alcoholic wine But some labels can go as high as 30lbs (35€), while distillates in water are 25-30lbs a bottle. Curiosity: Between mocktails and drinks menu Some of them are referred to as “mood modifiers,” that is, they are cocktail It does not contain alcohol, which helps eliminate shyness or induces sleep. So if you’re a fan of booze, why not stop by Club Soda in between visits to London’s top attractions?

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