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A new game in its final stages of development, Elden Ring will be updated again -

A new game in its final stages of development, Elden Ring will be updated again –

Hidetaka Miyazakithe game director of Elden Ring, as well as a prominent figure from FromSoftware, were interviewed by 4Gamer newspaper, revealing some interesting details about the work in progress at the prestigious Japanese development studio, including the highly advanced development of new game And the arrival of new updates for elden ringInterviewer Miyazaki recalled that in a 2018 interview, released to accompany the launch of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, he talked about 3.5 titles in development, two of which have yet to be announced. One was the Elden Ring, but the latter remains a mystery. The developer not only confirmed the existence of the game, but also talked about “Final stages of development“This could mean many things, but it bodes well for the immediate future.

In a later response, he confirmed that FromSoftware is working on several projects at the same time, under the guidance of different authors, and that it is now looking for new staff to grow staff, as confirmed by the new hires for which an entire small site has been created. has been dedicated.

Finally, to a direct question about Elden Ring, i.e. her new projects, Miyazaki spoke New updates for the game (not well defined), which could lead to some expansion, as has happened to FromSoftware’s other titles. He also reiterated that FromSoftware has more games in development, but it’s too early to talk about them.

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