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Alexa, what is a routine and how to set it better

Alexa, what is a routine and how to set it better

In this text we want to talk about the Alexa feature that allows you to create a routine directly from the application. what is he talking about? How do you make everything possible? Below, we will give you all the information you are looking for about this topic and clarify any doubts you may have. Here's how to create a routine in a simple, practical and quick way.

Amazon Alexa It is an intelligent personal assistant that allows you to do a very large number of things. In fact, you can use this device to get all the information about everything. In fact, by giving Alexa a voice command, this tool will do a Google search for you and will tell you everything you need verbally.

But Alexa also allows you to do that Connected to different devices and make your home more beautiful tasty“. Thus you will be able to set an alarm and various reminders or allow Alexa to turn on the heating, lights and much more.

And in the following paragraphs we want you to discover one Amazing Alexa feature. In fact, by downloading the app for this Amazon-owned device, it will be possible Create a routine. what is he talking about? How is it created? Let's find out all the details about it.

How to create a routine with Alexa: all the details

Alexa has developed many new functions over the past few years. They have allowed us to make this revolutionary tool increasingly technological and up to date Amazon. In addition to many classic features, in fact, With Alexa it will be possible to create a real routine.

Creating a routine on Alexa: here's the process to get it (

He identifies himself with this term A set of commands that can be created and assigned to a program -Based on day and time- User habits To “live” in your home to the fullest. After creating the routine, the user will not have to issue commands every time, but Alexa will do everything automatically.

In the next paragraph we will find out the simple matter A process to perform to create a routine Directly from the Alexa app.


To activate this function you will need Download the Alexa app on your smartphone and configure your home in “smart” mode. At this point it will be possible to click on the “More” section located at the bottom right of the screen.

You'll be able to program your routine and choose when to set the alarm, raise the curtains, turn on the heating, or have Alexa implement all the home 'habits' automatically.

By clicking on “pattern“, here you can choose the specific command to activate it. You will have to go to the section “When this happens“And start giving the voice command after writing everything in the text field.

To activate the commands to be executed, you will then have to go to “Alexa will perform the following actions“.Now you will have set your personal routine for Alexa.

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