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A life dedicated to Italian aerospace engineering (video interview)

A life dedicated to Italian aerospace engineering (video interview)

The Italian astrophysicist has a name that shines among the stars: Paolo Nespoli. A career full of space missions and major contributions raises a central question: what is the fate of Italian engineering in space? Nespoli, with his dual experience as an astronaut and engineer, is a distinguished witness to the technological and scientific progress achieved by the country in this sector.

Italy, which has traditionally been strong in building the main components of the International Space Station, is now called upon to play a decisive role in global space programmes. “We will have to make plans at the global level,” Nespoli says, stressing that international cooperation is essential. In the current panorama, NASA is focusing on ambitious projects, such as creating a lunar base and preparing for future Mars missions, and Italy, with its acquired experience, can play a pioneering role.

Looking at our planet from his unique perspective, Nespoli remembers Earth’s incomparable beauty when viewed from space. A perspective that erases national boundaries and highlights the Earth’s atmosphere as a global boundary that must be maintained. A reminder to consider the importance of protecting the environment not only at the national level but also at the global level.

What about food in space? With a smile, Nespoli confirms the veracity of the extraterrestrial pizza tale. The joke about the non-existence of this Italian delicacy turned into reality when NASA sent the ingredients to the International Space Station. This strange episode reflects not only the agility needed to face life in space, but also the internationalism and humanity of space missions, where even the unequal division of four pizzas between six astronauts becomes a story to tell.

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Paolo Nespoli, with his experience and stories, continues to inspire and push Italy towards new spatial heights, paving the way for future generations of engineers and dreamers who aim for the stars.

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