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A handful of coarse salt and that’s it: save and take care of yourself, grandma’s treat

A handful of coarse salt and that’s it: save and take care of yourself, grandma’s treat

When you discover this old grandmother’s remedy, you will never use coarse salt again in the kitchen: try it now and you will see the benefits!

It is certainly nothing new to recognize the wisdom of the past in grandmothers. Besides being a true history book, it always contains the right advice for every situation. Ready to help us with their natural remedies and, above all, they always have the right solution for any kind of unexpected event.

The wonderful treatment with coarse salt that will take care of you and your pockets –

Not to mention what they can do with their skilled hands. All you need is simple cotton, and a needle, and they bring life to one-of-a-kind creations. But it certainly does not end here, because always thanks to their experiences, They manage to transform any ‘ingredient’ we have at home, making it invaluable for personal care.

Coarse salt isn’t just for cooking: use it this way and you’ll see the benefits

As we said, also thanks to the advice of our grandmothers, this is certainly not the first time we have given new life to an ingredient that we generally only use in the kitchen. Just think, for example, of Everything you can do with a bottle of vinegar Or even with lemon juice. But today we want to focus our attention on simple coarse salt, and turn it into something useful, especially in light of Christmas gifts.

An incredible natural remedy with coarse salt
Using coarse salt, you can make original Christmas gifts –

In view of the upcoming Christmas holidays, many are already thinking about what to give to friends and relatives. Sure, after years and years of often useless gifts, ideas are scarce, so why not surprise everyone with things you can make yourself? It’s not difficult at all, actually, Simple coarse salt will be enough to make very fragrant bath salts. To make it you will need:

  • 4 tablespoons of coarse salt
  • Essential oils to taste
  • glycerine
  • Glass jar
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The process is really simple, first of all to give the shiny effect You will have to melt the glycerin in a water bath. Once solved Add coarse salt, and drops of essential oil And everything gets mixed up. At this point, all that’s left is to transfer everything to the glass bowl and…. And in just a few steps the perfect gift is ready.

Bath salts are not only perfect for scenting the bathroom, but they also have multiple benefits. They can be used to take relaxing baths, foot baths, and even to make all-natural exfoliants. An excellent idea not only as a gift, but also for yourself.