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“A dinner party with taxpayer money.”  The League’s attack on Nardella and the Democratic Party

“A dinner party with taxpayer money.” The League’s attack on Nardella and the Democratic Party

Democratic Party Mayor Dario Nardella invited municipal officials from Italian and foreign entities to Florence (as well as Democratic Party Secretary, Ellie Schlein) for a series of discussions as part of the “Festa dell’Unità”. It was possible to finance part of the initiative Public moneywith the preparation costs and above all those related to the gala dinner that will be held in the Palazzo Medici Riccardi (at the end of the first day of events) amounting to approx. 32 thousand euros. This is the accusation made by the League against the mayor of Florence, who has already been targeted by Fratelli d’Italia and Italia Viva for the same reason in recent hours. Also under the Northern League’s magnifying glass, the meeting of “Progressive Cities for a Democratic and Supportive Europe”, which will be held tomorrow at 6pm at the Nicolini Theater, seems to have come into focus. An event in which some prominent advocates of “dem” are expected to participate: for example, the mayor of Bologna Matteo Libor, the mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, as well as Schlein, are expected to participate.

Among others, the guest list also includes Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris), Femke Halcina (Mayor of Amsterdam) and Ekrem Imamoglu (Mayor of Istanbul): all politicians who mark the progressive region. However, the center-right focused on the discussion itself and on the subsequent dinner with the mayors participating in the discussions, which according to the resolution (signed by Nardella himself) should be paid for by the Metropolitan. city. A bill of €32,000 is apparently coming paid Not only by the taxpayers living in the capital of Tuscany, but ideally by all the municipalities that fall within the Florence area. “Mayor Nardella, is very committed to ‘outreach’ to progressive first citizens in other European countries – Susanna Ciccardi, a member of the European Parliament from the Northern League, attacked in a note – He should know that in those same countries, there is a mayor who spends Tens of thousands Of the euros of public money for dinner parties and to bring his colleagues to party parties, he must publicly apologize and resign. Instead he pretends nothing happened and continues on. “The Florentines will judge whether a politician who adopts such cunning and arrogant behavior can represent them worthy in Europe.”

A vision also shared by Federico Bussolin, leader of the Northern League group in the city council of the Tuscan capital, who has already announced a question on the subject. “It is not normal for Nardella to ask the government for money for anything, such as incentives to replace Euro 5 vehicles, and then on the other hand use public money to pay for a dinner party.” -His comment- And also in association with the Democratic Party: 32 thousand euros for two days of events is an insult to the daily problems that exist not only in the big city, but also in Florence. Under normal circumstances, we would have expected Nardella to fill his time as mayor of the capital with the municipalities involved in the crisis Earthquake And from the floods in Mugello.”