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A bonus like this hasn't been seen in years, it's put money in your pocket instantly –

A bonus like this hasn't been seen in years, it's put money in your pocket instantly –

Increase of 100 euros – Fonte_depositphotos –

New bonus, there hasn't been an item of this kind in years. An additional €100 for all employees which will put money in their pockets immediately.

The economic crisis that has been affecting Italy for several months has put all workers in serious difficulties. The reason is actually quite simple, salaries seem to have lost their purchasing power and they realize it is getting easier and easier. If expenses within the family do not change, but they change Greater difficulty meeting their needsit means that something must happen.

Higher prices inevitably lead to lower purchasing possibilities despite having the same amount of money. Here, from this perspective, the possibility of a salary increase brings great relief to the workers. For them specifically, the year begins with great news.

It is permissible for some categories of workers Benefit from this increasewithout having to go further no doubt. The additional funds will be credited directly to the workers' account.

This is the result of the joint work of unions and trade associations, which have worked for the benefit of employees who will finally be able to get what they have been waiting for for years.

Expected increases

The expected increases are very large, in amount Equivalent to 40% of the salary. This is an increase that could soon be applied to the national collective agreement, which concerns all workers in a specific sector. The conditions set by those who cooperated to reach this agreement are those that will lead to greater equality between the highest and lowest salaries.

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The increase is in addition to that already expected last year 140 euros per month To which others will be added 100 euros.

Salary increase - Fonte_depositphotos -
Salary increase – Fonte_depositphotos –

Which workers will be the champions of this increase?

Private security employees have been waiting for 7 years for a salary increase and renewal of the national collective agreement. Now perhaps their time has finally come. The result obtained from numerous meetings between Trade unions and employers' associations From the sector.

The main goal of all this is to be able to achieve the goal that we have wanted to achieve for years, ie – Improving the conditions of low-wage earners. Investigators have highlighted the fact that some salaries are truly inadequate.