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65 Years of Stellar Exploration – The Science and Religion of SRM in the Media

65 Years of Stellar Exploration – The Science and Religion of SRM in the Media

NASA’s incredible journey, from the first step on the moon to the ambitious Artemis missions.

On its 65th anniversary, NASA is a symbol of human ingenuity and the desire to explore. This agency has continually pushed the boundaries of the unknown: from the legendary Apollo missions, which brought the first men to the moon, to the Space Shuttle program, which helped build the International Space Station. Missions like Landsat and Cassini have enriched our knowledge of Earth and the solar system. With the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, we expect more extraordinary discoveries. In every endeavor, NASA’s commitment to science and exploration has always been evident.

Today, the Artemis missions represent a new beginning: the goal is to return humanity to the Moon, creating a solid foundation for future explorations of Mars and other distant worlds. While we pay tribute to NASA’s rich past, we look forward to a future filled with discoveries, advanced technologies and daring deep space voyages, inspired by a new generation of adventurous explorers. We wish NASA another 65 years of innovation, cosmic exploration, and the relentless pursuit of reaching the edge of the universe.

Video of Bill Nelson, NASA Administrator.

5 years ago, with the President signing a historic law, it was declared that United States space activities must be peaceful and conducted for the benefit of humanity. This law led to the creation of NASA. This year, Bill Nelson celebrated the agency’s anniversary, recalling how its distinctive logo is recognized and respected around the world.

Nelson stressed that the United States is a country defined by possibility, characterized by a relentless desire to explore the unknown. “NASA’s story is the story of transforming technologies, breaking barriers, and making the impossible possible,” he said. He listed symbolic missions and projects such as Apollo, the Space Shuttle, Viking, Voyager, Cassini, Landsat, Galileo, Hubble, Webb, the commercial crew, the Space Station, Perseverance, and Artemis, stressing that there is nothing that symbolizes the character of the American people, in terms of exploration and adventure. , like NASA.

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Bill Nelson spoke enthusiastically about the future, noting the agency’s plans to return to the moon and then continue on to Mars. He discussed ongoing innovations, such as changes in the way we fly and the development of revolutionary new technologies. He highlighted the importance of NASA’s unique vision in space to protect our planet, and recognized the contributions of every member of the “NASA Family,” including commercial and international partners. In appreciation of the next generation of explorers, he referred to this period as the “Artemis Generation” era. Finally, Nelson said: “As these star sailors sail that cosmic sea to distant cosmic shores, our missions will continue to prove that NASA does great things. They are the things that inspire and unite us. Let us chase the impossible dream and reach the unreachable stars.”