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Have you already reached the right?

Have you already reached the right?

Usually we talk about it The minimum pension When we mean it achieved through 20 years of contributions, even if the use was totally inappropriate. The minimum pension, in fact, is the pension granted to a worker who has a very low amount and, accordingly, Integrated to a minimum of treatment.

We answer the question of the reader who writes for us:


I am writing to ask you about your pension status.

I am Laganara Gilda, I am 64 years old.

Thanks to my work experience, I paid subscriptions until 1992, for 20 years. I would like to understand, with your help, whether I am really entitled to a minimum pension.

Awaiting your response, here is my address for a potential phone interview.

I offer you my heartfelt regards. “

The minimum requirements for entering the pension

If we talk about Minimum pension requirements 20 years of minimum paid contributions and a completion of at least 67 years of contributions. Without fulfilling these minimum requirements, the pension is not entitled to.

It is clear that if the conditions for obtaining a normal early retirement pension are met or not adhered to, it is not necessary to reach the age of 67 to receive a pension.

But in most cases, to be entitled to a pension with 20 years of contributions it is necessary to reach the age of 67. There is also a pension Render to 64 years old and with only 20 years of contributions But this measure is only for those who do not have approved contributions before 1996 (and who can claim a pension equal to or greater than 2.8 times the INPS social benefit).

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In his case, after having paid contributions since 1992, he has definitely reached the minimum contribution requirement for an old-age pension but in order to be entitled to treatment, he must be 67 years old. In fact, this means that you can also, if you like, spend the next three years without working while still retaining the right to a pension. But before she reaches the age of 67, she is not entitled to any social security benefits, as she has not reached the minimum retirement requirements without meeting personal requirements.

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