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2024 Car Incentives: Already finalized for thermal cars

2024 Car Incentives: Already finalized for thermal cars

It's over, but they'll be back – It lasted less than two weeks 120 million euros to Incentives Dedicated to purchase New cars Thermal and hybrid. The platform, which went online on January 23, 2024, has seen funds allocated for cars within the range quickly run out. Emissions 61-135 g/kmFor simplicity's sake, most mild-hybrid, full-hybrid, and less-polluting cars have conventional diesel or gasoline engines. These 120 million are part of the old scheme ofEcobonusagain with 2023 numbers (from Numbers). The latest measures taken by the government, which will take effect no later than half a year ago March 2024will provide an additional €283 million for the purchase of cars that fall within the highest emission range (from to know more).

500 euros less with Euro 4 – Funds fell by almost half on the same day the platform became available again. But in the following days, there was a slowdown in orders, perhaps while waiting for official communications from the government. Then, when the new stimulus bulletin came out on February 1, there he was A new surge in ordersPerhaps because it has been observed that in one case the incentive will be less with the new system. If anyone with the incentives currently in place has purchased a vehicle with emissions between 61 and 135 g/km of CO2by canceling a vehicle from Euro 0 to Euro 4 at the same time, he would have received a discount of 2.000 eurosWhen the 2024 Ecobonus agreement comes into force, canceling the Euro 4 car will only… 1.500 euros Of motivation. Nothing changes for those who canceled Euro 3 as the incentive remains €2,000. With the new incentives, owners of the most polluting cars, from Euro 0 to Euro 2, will receive a bonus of 3,000 euros by canceling them.

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Others are less in demand However, the amounts for the other two broadcast bands remain almost fully available. Of the 194.75 million euros allocated for the purchase of low-emission vehicles by individuals 0 to 20 g/km CO2 (For simplicity, electrical) There are still approximately 187 million in the ministry's coffers. Plug-in hybrids, in the range 21-60 g/kmHowever, they still have a fund of just under €230 million, out of the €232.75 million allocated to individuals. Similar percentages of remaining funds allocated to rent and car sharing were also recorded in these two ranges (there are no incentives in this sector for the range 61-135 g/km).