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Taxes, 24.7 billion refunds, up 4.5% from 2022 (+22%)

Taxes, 24.7 billion refunds, up 4.5% from 2022 (+22%)

to'Revenue Agency In 2023, it recovered 24.7 billion, 4.5 billion more than in 2022 (+22%). The amount rises to 31 billion if we also take into account the 6.7 billion recovered to other parties (from INPS to municipalities). “It is the highest result ever,” the revenue agency director said. Ernesto Maria Ruffini-View the company's balance sheet before Minister of Economy, Giancarlo Giorgetti And to the Deputy Minister Maurizio Leo. The total amount exceeds the last budget, $28 billion.

But there is still a lot to do: “We have a big topic regarding the repository. When I meet with rating agencies I always say that there is also half of the public debt that would be automatically covered if this repository did not exist and estimated taxes,” said Economy Minister Giancarlo. Giorgetti, speaking at the press conference. “On the Financial authorization Giorgetti added that “intensive work” is underway regarding the legislative decrees: some have been completed, “others will be done soon, and the great ambition to rewrite the tax system, which was in the government's programme, should be completed by spring.”

“There will be no persecution against those who do not comply, but in the normal exercise of respect for the law and privacy, we will try to find out the reason for the non-compliance of taxpayers, who are faced with an interesting proposal.” He said that Vice Minister of Economy Maurizio Liu Talk about it Agreed budget for the biennium When the revenue agency's 2023 collection results are presented. He reiterated that “there is no chase, but information about the cause of the misalignment.” “I believe that 2024 will be a turning point and together we will all be able to complete the tax reform this country needs to catch up with other more advanced countries in our European system,” Liu added.

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Spontaneously paid taxes are growing: 536 billion (+5%)

The amounts paid by citizens independently last year increased by about 27 billion compared to 2022 (+5%), reaching 536.2 billion. “It is not only the highest result ever, but it exceeds by 110 billion what was recorded in 2019, the last year before the two-year pandemic: an increase of 26%,” Reuveni said.

The Director of the Revenue Agency described the data as “particularly important,” highlighting that “it is a continuous growth, which we can define as ‘structural’ and must be emphasized because The real challenge is preventing tax evasion H Urging taxpayers to pay voluntarily Taxes without having to go after evaders. The fact of the automatic increase in revenues year after year is of particular importance and must be read in parallel with the gradual reduction in the tax gap recorded in recent years, and also as a result of the digitalization measures introduced in the tax system, which make it more difficult to carry out evasive behaviour.”

Tax gap: Tax evasion amounts to 66.5 billion in 2021

A decrease of 23 billion, from 89.5 billion in 2016 to 66.5 billion in 2021. Tax gap, i.e. the indicator used to calculate tax evasion Which measures the difference between the total amount of taxes they would pay based on their tax liability and the amount actually collected. The data was presented by Director Ruffini, explaining that it represents revenues not collected due to fraud, evasion, avoidance, missed payments, and involuntary errors and omissions. The data does not take into account customs duties and IMU.

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Revenues from anti-fraud activities

Through risk analysis and Anti-fraud preventive controls forLast year, the revenue agency also included “minor expenses” from the state budget worth 7.6 billion euros between fictitious credits, undeserved compensation and undeserved VAT refunds. In implementation of the rules adopted to combat the phenomenon of so-called “opening and closing” value-added tax numbers, the agency also officially terminated the services of about 2,300 companies.

Payments, assistance and services provided to citizens are increasing

Grow too tax refund, Which exceeded in 2023 €22.4 billion (+12%). Of this money, 19.5 billion went to the productive sector and 2.9 billion to families. As for activity helpthe agency handled nearly 4.5 million applications in its offices, more than 3 million applications by phone, and more than 2 million applications from Civis. The Internet is also growingwhether in the revenue area or in the territory area: 92.3% of Lease contracts They are recorded online, and 92.7% of messages are sent over the web Caliphate declarations. Information tools are also growing: the Revenue Service's WhatsApp channel has been active since September 2023, offering news and content of interest to citizens and professionals. With 680 thousand members, it is the most followed among institutions and seventh in the Italian ranking.

Investment consulting and attractiveness

In 2023, the Revenue Agency responded to around 13,000 applications and provided specialist assistance and advice to businesses: 14 responses were submitted as part of the request for new investments, which is expected to create more than 400 jobs and multi-year investments of more than half a billion. Furthermore, last year 19 new companies were accepted into the Cooperative Compliance System, bringing the overall total to 111.

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Revenue Agency Activity-Collection

Increasing results also for Revenue Agency-Collectionwhich last year raised a total of 14.8 billion euros (+37%): 7.6 billion from normal activities and 7.2 from extraordinary measures (“Cancel iii” H “Cancel-QuateWith regard to the responsible bodies, 8.1 billion were collected for the Revenue Agency, 3.7 billion for the National Tax Corporation, 1 billion for the municipalities and the rest for other bodies (INIL, ministries, prefectures, regions, etc.). Services available on the website It is also increasing. Today it is possible to carry out most operations online, such as paying bills in installments up to 120 thousand euros, suspending collection in cases provided by law, paying via the PagoPa department, and booking an appointment at the counter. In 2023 All stages of the easy identification of folders were managed, for example, through web services (requesting or downloading the information brochure directly, submitting membership applications, obtaining a copy of the payment plan communication and relevant payment forms, requesting current account activation and installment deduction). The electronic office has also been expanded to cover the entire national territory, allowing you to communicate via video call with an official to receive information and assistance.