UNL student helps plan sorority recruitment

In Sarah Berger’s three years at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, her sorority, Phi Mu, has been a significant part of her identity.

Now, sororities are going to take on a larger role for the junior, as she is the new vice president of recruitment for UNL’s Panhellenic Association.

Having recently gone through the recruitment process, she wants to pull directly from her own experience , which she described as a bit overwhelming at times, to help with the role.

“I want to use it as a way to promote equality between chapters and to keep it less overwhelming for potential new members,” said Berger, a journalism major from Kansas City, Kansas.

Drawing from this personal experience, her main goal is to make the process more about the people and less about the decorations that can be visible by just walking past sorority houses.

“The big term that people use for that is called no frill,” she said. “It’s basically to strip it all down to keep it very one on one and very personal. It puts a huge emphasis on personal connection more than anything else.”

She said that new members are the foundation of sororities and she will be working directly these new members and individual sororities.

“I just want to make it a system that every chapter can be successful with,” she said.

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