Jake Sueflohn bio


By Seth Olson, NewsNetNebraska

Jake Sueflohn is a fifth year senior from Watertown, Wisconsin. That’s halfway between Madison and Milwaukee. At UNL, Sueflohn may now be halfway across the Midwest, but said he enjoys his second home in Nebraska.

“Nebraska was the best fit for me,” Sueflohn said. “I felt the most at home.”

Sueflohn, is a journalism news/ed major with a sports emphasis. he chose the Huskers because of their wrestling program. Now, it’s his final season as a Husker wrestler.

Sueflohn has a long history on the mat. He won two state titles in high school. Wrestling runs in Sueflohn’s family too. His dad and grandfather were wrestlers. What does Sueflohn like most about the sport? “I like that it is an individual and a team sport at the same time,” Sueflohn said. “At the same time, it’s just me out there and I control my own destiny.”

Sueflohn said time management is the toughest part of his college life; balancing academics and athletics, as the team is on the road frequently in the winter and early spring semester. Even so, he enjoys the experience more than anything. After he graduates, Sueflohn would like to coach wrestling at the college level.

Sueflohn’s three favorite apps are Twitter, Instagram and the ESPN app. 


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