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Why and how much

Why and how much

Pensions, latest news

The government introduces pension adjustment, due to revaluation based on inflation. Pensioners will see an increase in the coming months: the amounts can already be estimated, given that they are equal to 0.8% of their pension, for all the monthly payments they receive in 2023.

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Pensions, latest news

In November or December 2023, Italian pensioners will receive an unexpected raise: Adjustment due to revaluation of checks Based on inflation. It is an amount that is always disbursed, but usually in January of the following year, in this case January 2024. Instead, Meloni’s government, like Draghi’s government last year, decided to bring forward the timing: along with Nadiv’s approval. Parliament will be asked to be able to use 3.2 billion euros already this year, to pay the balance to pensioners, allocate money to renew public contracts, and finally to allocate more resources to “manage migration flows.” The measures still need to be clarified.

The amendment for pensioners, as we mentioned, is Linked to inflation. Every year, the previous year’s inflation rate is estimated, and based on it, pension checks are increased. In 2023, Social Security checks rose by 7.3% because that was the estimated inflation for 2022. But later, more precise Istat calculations showed that inflation was instead 8.1%. A difference of 0.8%, which must now be paid by paying arrears to all pensioners.

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What does this mean concretely? By decree, in the next few weeks, the Meloni government will pay the balance owed to pensioners, either in November or December checks. the amount It will be equal to 0.8% of your pension, and the arrears will be for all months of 2023 (ten months’ salary if the balance arrives in November, and eleven if it arrives in December).

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Roughly, it can be estimated that for those who receive the minimum pension, it will be a one-time payment 50 eurosAs for those who take four times the minimum (total of approximately 2,100 euros), the adjustment will be made 200 euros. Then their scope will be expanded, given that inflation-based revaluations this year have been significantly lower for those receiving the highest checks.

This slightly higher allowance will be the basis on which fees will be calculated New revaluation for 2024. Currently, it is estimated that inflation will be around 5.6% in 2023, although there are still a few months left. Therefore, in 2024, pensions will rise again by this percentage. Also this year, it is likely that those who take a higher amount – say ten times the minimum, about 5,200 euros per month – will not get the full revaluation, but only part, to save the state.