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Alibaba introduces Airo, the electric vehicle that cleans the environment

Alibaba introduces Airo, the electric vehicle that cleans the environment

It is not only electricity and thus it is not polluted. Aero, the car designed by the English designer Thomas Heatherwick Presented yesterday in Shanghai Auto ShowIt has the ability to inhale combustion engine car exhaust fumes and pollutant particles suspended in the air, and it plays an unprecedented social role: it cleans the environment and protects people’s well-being.


Brand new distributed by Alibaba

Aero car that absorbs pollutants, It will go into production in 2023 by IM Motors, A car brand created by the Chinese auto company SAIC engine, From an online retailer Alibaba Group (From the Jack Ma revival) and who Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Group.

Ma How does Airo work, The first car designed by the 50-year-old “The Ship” de New YorkThe futuristic building that opened three years ago that dominates the Upper West Side of Manhattan with a staircase structure that allows you to view Hudson from about eighty porches?

New York ship

Airo mounts the latest generation Hepa filters

As the designer explained, the Airo isn’t just another electric car that doesn’t pollute the air but what is new is that it is with newer use HEPA filter technology, While driving, it was also able to absorb the pollutants that other cars produce.

There is a double deck and boat in the pipeline

His ability to “Sweeping” environment It is the result of the advanced air filtration system, which can operate completely autonomously or be activated by the driver in certain smog conditions. In electric mobility, Heatherwick really has meProject for RoutemasterA reinterpretation of the two decks of London, the model red double-decker bus, H. in the boatTourist boat, on the Loire River, between Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

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In Airo to live, work and even sleep

Now he imagines Aero As a car with new livability features as well, or as a single car Mobile space A place to meet friends, work and even sleep. With steel charging station and retractable power cord. Indeed, in the designer’s insightful intentions,Flexible interior It is equipped with seats that can be rotated to create a true multi-functional room.

Airo with dining table and armchairs

The table becomes a screen for video games

There is a space between the seats like this Table. It can be used for eating or it can be used vertically as a file Screen to display the movie Or for video games. The seats would then have a specific shape that allows them, once fully reclined, to turn into a u-letterN real double bed.

Kar-a-Sutra by Mario Bellini

The Kar-a-Sutra precedent by Mario Bellini

The project mentions the Kar-a-sutra, a post-1968 concept car he introduced Mario Bellini At the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1972. He was part of the exhibition “Italy: The New Local Scene”. It was from this delightful project that the idea of ​​the pickup truck was born, starting with the Renault Espace. Who do you know …

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