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Who gets 382 euros

Who gets 382 euros

The 2023 Solidarity Card to buy food will be introduced in July. It is a support measure for citizens and families in economic difficulty who can count on the government’s 503 million euro allocation, and provides for the issuance of a Postpay prepaid card worth 382.50 euro. What exactly is it about, how does it work and who is eligible for this bonus? The “Shopping Shopping Card” is a new version of the social card introduced in 2008, which was introduced to support the less well-off following the economic crisis that increased food prices and energy bills. They are in a certain need. Today same talk same problems. It is a “one-time” contribution (ie, it is received only once), it cannot be combined with other public subsidies and affects approximately 1.3 million households.

Bonus for shopping is 382.5 euros

The move is part of half a billion in funding for the most disadvantaged by the Maloney government’s 2023 Budget Act. The Ministers of Agriculture and Economy signed an implementing decree allowing eligible citizens to benefit from the “Expenditure Purchase Card”. But let’s start with the beneficiaries and proceed in order. The purchase card can be used by households with an ISEE (indicator of equal economic situation) of less than 15 thousand euros and who do not enjoy other subsidies such as basic income, supplementary income, or have at least one member. Recipient of social insurance for employment – nasbi, monthly unemployment allowance for collaborators -, dis-col, mobility allowance, solidarity fund for income integration or redundancy fund-sic. Also, all members of the family must be registered in the Civil Registry.

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20,309 communion cards in Palermo

In detail, this support is funded based not only on family net income, but also on the number of residents in the municipality of residence and the “distance” between the local average income and the national income. According to the ministry’s calculations, the city with the most communion cards in circulation is Naples with 31,307 cards, followed by Rome with 30,271 cards. Palermo is third with 20,309 cards, followed by Milan with 15,000, Catania with 12,000 and Turin with 9,000. There is a process with a precise timing. Municipalities have now closed the list of beneficiaries, taking into account various parameters and cards in their territory. INPS will send Poste Italiane the final lists for the delivery of solidarity cards on Thursday 6 July. And on July 10, the Social Security Agency will distribute the identification numbers of the cards to the municipalities to inform the beneficiaries.

382.50 Euro shopping card letter, collection and activation

Hence every municipality should inform the beneficiaries by letter about the instructions for collection of edible paper at post office counters. The holder should bring with him the letter containing the tax code along with the assigned postpay code. At the time of collection at the post office counter, the card will already be loaded with a total amount of 382.50 euros, which will be the same for all beneficiaries. However, at least one purchase must be made by 15 September 2023 to prevent the contribution from being deactivated.

What can I buy with a shopping card?

Beneficiaries can use Unity Card at all shops selling food items. So the amount cannot be spent on clothes or other shops. While milk and derivatives, meat, fresh fish, eggs, oils, bakery products, pastries and biscuits, rice, flour, vegetables, pulses, fruits, baby food, yeast etc. are included, the list of items that can be purchased includes alcoholic beverages and tobacco. . , honey, sugars, chocolate, mineral waters, wine vinegar, coffee, tea, chamomile. With the card in question, you can make purchases at all supermarkets and food stores enabled for the MasterCard circuit. Free, it works like a normal electronic payment card. The difference is that the costs are paid directly by the state, rather than being charged to the cardholder.

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