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Where is Wagner, Prigogine? From Lukashenko to the Kremlin: What are the hypotheses? US: “We don’t know anything”


“The United States has no information on the whereabouts of Yevgeny Prigozhin.” That’s the potion the White House is taking, according to deputy press secretary Andrew Bates to reporters aboard Air Force One, which will carry Joe Biden to South Carolina. “We continue to monitor the Wagner group,” he added. On the other hand, from Belarus, a safe situation has arrived in the last few hours. According to President Alexander Lukashenko, the head of the mercenary company – which launched an attempted coup against the Kremlin last month – “is in St Petersburg”. But he said in a press release that Prigozhin may also have gone to Moscow. Thus, Lukashenko rejected the hypothesis that Wagner’s leader could be on Belarusian territory.

Kremlin: “We don’t follow his moves”

And from Russia? “The Kremlin is not following Prigozhin’s movements,” spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “We neither have the ability nor the will,” he adds. Prigog has not appeared in public since the attempted uprising ended. And after Lukashenko announced last week that Wagner was in Belarus, the questions began. Where is Prigozhin now? There is no specific answer at this time, but there are several hypotheses that states are raising.

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