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“Europe will only rely on Pfizer and Moderna. Dangerous message” - Libero Quotidiano

“Europe will only rely on Pfizer and Moderna. Dangerous message” – Libero Quotidiano

Guest Lily Gruber a Half past eightAnd the Massimo Giannini He revealed a scoop from his magazine about vaccinations, which again becomes a topic today due to the final hiatus imposed by Denmark on AstraZeneca. But the news is not official Europe from next year can only count on Pfizer and ModernaHe no longer buys adenovirus vaccines, “said Director D. printing, Who then added: “This is not exactly an encouraging message for public opinion.”

Among other things, after the AstraZeneca case Johnson & Johnson, The only dose that was suspended from Europe on the day the first doses were delivered in Italy. Among other things, only 6 opposite cases of J&J have been recorded out of 7 million, which is an irrelevant percentage: However, the station has arrived, which does nothing but arouse suspicion and fear. “If we add what happened with AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – assured Giannini – when you have the European Union thinking about the possibility of suspending these two vaccines and Denmark that has already stopped them, Incoming messages can be very dangerous“.

However, science has repeatedly emphasized that the benefits of these vaccines are far greater than the risks they may entail, but the European Union does not seem interested: “The message is dangerous because people are beginning to worry and this should not happen, otherwise we commented Giannini.