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What to watch at Wired Next Fest if you’re interested in science, space, and the environment

What to watch at Wired Next Fest if you’re interested in science, space, and the environment

the Next wired festivalthe most influential event in innovation and technology, returns to Milan from From 7 to 8 October In Sforzesco Castle. The entrance is free When you register on location From the festival. As is the case every year, in this edition as well, it will be possible for enthusiasts – and for all those who want to get closer to… World of science And frominnovation – Participate in panel discussions and workshops with experts in the latest sectors, such as space missions and technological solutions to the climate crisis.

Space missions

Search and exploration are a path that never tires of raising the gaze towards the horizon, starting from the goal Return to the moon with the Artemis mission. We talk about it with Luca Parmitano, European Space Agency astronaut. But after him there is everyone New generation of Italians are warming up their engines in preparation for space exploration and continuing scientific research beyond the stratosphere. At the Wired Nex Festival we meet: Pantaleone Carlucci,Power Engineer, Pilot, CNR; Lucia Paciochiwhich is part of the reserveVirtue Staff 1 And the Colonel Walter VeladeProfessional astronaut.

Who said women can’t become scientists? Three generations of Italians were compared to find out what doing science means for women in Italy. Amalia Ercoli Finzi Professor Emeritus of the Polytechnic of Milan and his daughter neuterLuxottica managers even wrote a book about it called “Farther than the distant stars“To remind the girls of that STEM majors aren’t just ‘male subjects’But it can provide job opportunities and prospects that girls cannot miss. To complete the trio Anthea Comellini, Engineer, born in 1992 astronaut Thales Alenia Space.

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Behind the words Space economy There are companies made up of people who research, innovate, produce and make our country the protagonist in the exploration of the universe. Stories of four Italian franchises on stage Next wired festival. We’ll talk about it with Valerio de TanaHead of Program Management at ErgoticA leading company in developing Innovative systems and technologies for human space exploration. Alessandro Liberatore CEO of Isia Groupin production Special and aerospace machines. Simone Pozzi of Deep Bluethe first Italian SME in terms of the number of research projects funded by the European Commission In the aviation sector. Finally, Monica ValeVice President of Operations at orbit d, Pioneers of space logistics.

Environmental sustainability

On the afternoon of Sunday, October 8th. Douglas Rushkoff The author and documentary filmmaker is among the most influential in examining human autonomy in the digital age The relationship between the economy and the climate crisis. The rich seek to escape the effects of climate change that they helped cause. The poorest suffer the consequences. The climate crisis also has its own effects Bitter reality.