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What is a pension formula and how is it calculated: Not a bad word

In November 2022, the annual review presents: 16 million retirees participated in Italy.

The formula is the annual pension review that aims to protect purchasing power from rising inflation. But what is it?

equal pension –

What is the pension equation for November 2022?

It is applied to all kinds of pension treatment which are disbursed through the general pension, regardless of whether they are incorporated into the minimum treatment.

The equation usually clicks on a January of each year and is determined by a decree Adopted – by November 20 – by the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies. Determines the decreeFinal edit for the previous year, to be applied as of January 1 of the current year, andtemporary adjustment for the current year as of January 1 of the following year.

However, given the economic emergency phase, even before it arrives around January 2023 16 million Italians Retirees will benefit from this revaluation. Updates have been provided with Duplicate assistance decree. Here are answers to some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

The assignment of the final equation for 2022 which is equal to 0.2% is early november – Instead of paying in January 2023 -. 0.2% Through the difference between1.7% for estimated inflation and1.9% of actual inflation in 2021.

Who is entitled to a 2% pension increase? Find out now

Pension increase –

In contrast to parity, which is up to everyone, the 2% increase stipulated in the aid decree bis goes only to pensioners with benefits No more than 2,692 euros The total per month, equivalent to about 35 thousand euros per year. The increase has already started with October pensionsIt will also be counted towards the pensions payable in november and december, Including thirteen. 2% increase on premium from thirteen Monthly salary is paid in the ratio Thirteenth dues owed. In the case of pensions that are not due to the thirteenth, the increase is not paid.

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The increase, due to approximately 11.5 million retirees, varies by bracket. 0 to 2097.40 euros, The increase is the maximum Equal to 41.95 EUR. From the figure of 2097.41 euros to 2621.75 euros, another increase 9.44 €. From 2621.76 to 2692.00 euros, Another increase 1.05 EUR. From 2692.01 to 2744.44 The euro works so-called protective clause Or the increase is due to the difference between the pension amount and the 2744.44 euros.