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Immigrants and NGO ships, a measure of the Meloni government

Immigrants and NGO ships, a measure of the Meloni government

‘We’ve been adopted’ Ministerial Decree Pursuant to Article 1, Paragraph 2 of Decree-Law 130 of 2020 We have ordered the Humanity 1 ship, upon its arrival, to stop at anchor. It will only be able to remain in our territorial waters for the time necessary to let us know if there are any health emergencies or other nature on board.” The Minister of the Interior said that, Matteo Pentidosi, Last night at a press conference at the end of the Cabinet talks about humanity 1, the ship that has been at sea for two weeks with 179 migrants on board. Among them are more than 100 unaccompanied minors and a 7-month-old baby.

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“We will take all minors, pregnant and sick, as we have learned from informal channels, on board the Humanity 1 ship. We respect people, humanitarian needs and emergencies. After this verification, people who do not pay in emergency conditions will have to be returned to international waters.”

This is the first action we take to formalize a position in relation to the first NGO ship to enter Italian territorial waters Heading towards Catania – the Minister specified – and did so without complying with the requests to provide us with the identity of the people on board, where they were rescued and what the objective conditions were.”

Our solution is The first act of politics we shared Not deviating with respect to humanitarian obligations’, “but at the same time without deviating with respect to the needs of keeping the point in relation to the obligations of flag states,” said Piantedosi.

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As for other NGO ships carrying rescued migrants, “It was France that made a very important start in accepting the possibility of disembarking the ship. ocean viking. It is an important signal that we are not solving the flag states problem, but it is a case that needs to be followed hour by hour.”

Then “there is a ship that only entered the territorial waters in these hours, it is a different ship, we have not taken action yet, it is a smaller ship, crowded with 94 people. We were told that there was a mutiny attempt on the ship, with unstable navigation conditions, and Cirm identified a case Urgency, so it is heading towards Syracuse. Here again we have not raised objections but we will also deal with this ship and others that have remained to the same standard we are still offshore, or two of the Norwegian flag,” explained the Minister of the Interior.

“As always, we will guarantee rescue and assistance, but ban foreign NGOs from standing in Italian territorial waters. Proud to sign the ruling, together with Ministers Piantedosi and Crosetto. Defending Italy is not a crime but a duty,” said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. “. Matteo Salvini.

From what Adnkronos learn, An interministerial decree will also be adopted such as that adopted for the Ocean Viking ship Humanity 1, which has 234 immigrants, and the Rise AboveThe ship on which riots were reported. Therefore, NGO ships will only be allowed to stop at anchor for the time necessary to carry out checks on board and rescue people who may be in vulnerable conditions.

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