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What do spiders invent to escape floods in Australia |  Blinks

What do spiders invent to escape floods in Australia | Blinks

A picture reinterpreted Last Supper Written by Leonardo da Vinci with G7 leaders and a post on social network Sina Weibo — the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, to some extent — it has gone viral in China, and it’s attracting the attention of Western media and observers for how it’s being presented. Some elements of Communist Party propaganda, in apparent response to the toughening attitudes of Western powers toward China. Expressed in G7 and then At the head of NATO.

The illustration, created by user Bantonglaoatang, replaces Jesus and the Apostles with nine anthropomorphic animals representing the G7 countries (US, Germany, UK, Japan, France, Canada and Italy), plus Australia and India. The illustration is full of symbols that are meant to be a critique of how Western countries have related to China in recent months. The United States is represented in the center, instead of Jesus, as an eagle that converts toilet paper into dollars, confirming the country’s economic strength. Italy is the wolf to the right of the eagle with his hands outstretched forward like the Apostle Andrew in the upper room. It was Italy The first European country to sign an agreement on the so-called “Belt and Road Initiative(BRI), China’s large and controversial program to build infrastructure in more than 80 countries around the world, and the gesture would mean refusing to turn away from China, as requested by the United States.

Left to right: Germany, represented as a hawk in the same position as Chancellor Angela Merkel in A popular photo of G7 from 2018; Australia was represented as a kangaroo that takes money from the United States but at the same time carries another nest egg, symbolizing the country’s interests in China; Japan, Akita dog pours poison to other diners (referring to resolution Japanese government to disperse polluted water stored at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in the Pacific Ocean); United Kingdom and Canada, represented as lion and beaver in the service of the United States; France is represented as a rooster, like a hawk / Germany, who cares more about her interests than anything else; And India, an elephant connected to the venous connection. In front of the table there is also a frog trying to take the banknotes, which are supposed to represent Taiwan, the country that China claims to be its own and which it accuses of being in the service of the United States.

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