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Nintendo is working hard on the project, says Shinya Takahashi -

Nintendo is working hard on the project, says Shinya Takahashi –

Metroid Prime 4 It didn’t even appear during the Nintendo Direct of E3 2021, despite the time since its first presentation, which hasn’t been silently passed over by the company, with Shinya Takahashi Which shows how developers continue work hard on the Nintendo Switch game.

As we reported a few days ago, it’s been four years since Metroid Prime 4 was announced and so far what we’ve seen is only the game’s logo. Furthermore, it’s been over two years since we received the news that development had started from scratch, and had been entrusted to Retro Studios, so in any case, it might be reasonable to see something at this point.

Metroid Prime 4, so far we’ve only seen the logo

Instead, we’ve got a Metroid Dread announcement, which marks the series’ return to the 2D structure which is great news, although we would certainly have liked to see something from the new chapter of the now mainstream franchise. “Currently, we’re still working hard on Metroid Prime 4, which we’ve already announced,” that’s all we heard at E3 2021 from Shinya Takahashi, the general manager of Nintendo who opened Nintendo Direct yesterday.

There is no doubt about it retro studios He treats Metroid Prime 4 as a really high-quality production, otherwise its continuation would not be explained expansion: Over the past two years, the US Nintendo team has moved into new offices and started a campaign to hire highly experienced staff, with precedents on many other teams and in major chains. So we’re keeping our confidence, waiting to be able to see something of the new game on the Nintendo Switch.

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