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Weekends from midwinter, rain, thunderstorms and snow to the plains. Saturday and Sunday details »

Weather: Midwinter Weekend, rain, thunderstorm, snow to plains. Details for Saturday and Sunday

Estimated time for the weekendLet’s get ready for the mid-winter weekend! Today’s data confirms that, the weekend will be marked by an extension bad cold weather Which will not only cause precipitation, but will also be able to spread widely Snowfall Which will be able to go down locally until plains. Not all of Italy will be affected by the winter turmoil, but the effects will be evident over much of the beautiful country.

months later January And the February They practically passed under the constant dominance of high pressures, and now the atmosphere seemed to have found the energy to wake up from this long inactivity.
The anticyclone is migrating towards the northeastern regions of the Old Continent, thus favoring the descending of the very cold air masses that originate from the icy lands of the Russia and Siberia.
At the bottom of these inanimate currents, some unstable pulse travels and one of these currents will practically set everything up imminent. weekend.

We’ll already notice it from the first lights Saturday when below Zipper, Rain and thunderstorms We will find the entire sector of the middle and lower Adriatic and a large part of the south. The most intense phenomena will first of all affectAbruzzoThe Molise and the Apulia: It will be in these areas that ice It can drop to very low elevations or even on some flat stretches, especially in Abruzzo.
In these areas, moreover, the bad cold weather The weather will last practically all day, while in the rest of the country it will still be calmer and at times sunny, albeit in a very windy and sunny environment.

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Although try weather forecast It will be quieter everywhere, even there Sunday It will hide many pitfalls. cold airIn fact, We will insist on the skin of our country It again caused more instability in the south, especially in the Lower Tyrrhenian and in many areas of the central and southern Adriatic.
On the other hand, the weather in the rest of the country will always be stable, as the only notable observations will concern the climatic context, sometimes usually in winter. will actually so cold Especially at night in the north and in the interior of the center, where the column of mercury can slide unhindered below freezing, also causing widespread frost.

In short, in general, the weekend will preserve us a more severe look than the winter, which so far has not been able to impose itself on our country.
It may not be here: Look at next week!