Thursday, July 25, 2024

Wagner will return to his roots – the Swiss RSI Radio and Television


Wagner, like a large company that loses its founder, will evolve. the boss “Defense analysis”, In an interview with Gianandrea Gaiani on RSI TV news channel. “Moscow will be more under the control of the future Wagner, but at the same time it will return to its origins, to secrecy. The Kremlin will always be able to say: it’s not us, we don’t know them.”

Wagner often operated in the shadows, secretly, and began fighting long before Moscow sent in its regular troops, which sometimes did not happen. And in Syria, it stood by the Assad regime long before Moscow decided to send a contingent of its regular forces, in 2015.

Africa will remain a key sector, because all sub-Saharan African countries are showing increasing intolerance towards Westerners, starting with the former French colonial power. African countries would have liked to see other European countries play a role, but this did not happen, and Europe did not show its ability to do so. Russia has succeeded: its presence often supports local forces without demanding a change in the constitutional structure.”


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