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LGBT sign for those who don’t say “woman” and “mother”

LGBT sign for those who don’t say “woman” and “mother”

LGTB Hospitals UK

packs of Hospitals In the United kingdom Join an assessment program promoted by some associations in favor of transgender rights, which urges health facilities to stop using terms such as “the mom” And “woman“. According to what I quoted daily MailSeveral MPs urged ministers to take action after 77 health authorities joined the agreement NHS rainbow badge scheme. This program rewards facilities that decide to remove gender language from policies, forms, and signage.

What is the NHS Rainbow Badge Scheme?

the NHS rainbow badge scheme It is a program commissioned by the National Health Service in England, but run by transgender rights activist groups including Stone wall And LGBT Foundation, who carry out the evaluation activity. As well as directing hospitals to introduce gender-neutral toilet facilities, these groups are suggesting that medical staff ask patients about their pronouns, raising concerns that these associations are influencing NHS policy. NHS England – writes mail It has a £220,000 deal under which these bodies will assess healthcare organizations on their inclusion policies.

According to the British newspaper, the Rainbow assessment “involves asking managers whether they have inclusive policies, support LGBT staff and patients, and whether they use gender-neutral language”. how? The question asked in the patient survey is: “Have you noticed that clinical staff avoided using gender-based language (using partner instead of spouse, or parent instead of mother/father)?” According to one report, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust No point was scored in this area, as “Maternity and Adoption Policy refers to ‘mothers’ without expanding the definition to include gender-neutral terms.”

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Accusations were leveled from various quarters against the NHS of wanting to “erase women to please groups of people”. extremist activists Guided by an ideology.” There is no shortage of critical voices in the medical world. For example, prof Angus DalglishHe, an oncologist at a large teaching hospital in London, has complained about the growth of diversity and inclusion training, which he believes distracts doctors from patients and has a detrimental effect on staff morale. However, LGBT organizations have responded to the criticism by saying that they did not draft these policies themselves and that the idea that they had the power to “tell” other organizations what to write in their policies was unfounded. according to daily Mail, However, in some hospitals in Britain, patients who identify themselves “only temporarily” as female will be admitted to women-only wards. It’s a bit like what happened in prison, where a prisoner “views” himself as transgender and has a sexual relationship with his cellmate.

Franco Lodge, August 28, 2023

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