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Pope: I will be in Mongolia as a brother to all

Pope: I will be in Mongolia as a brother to all

Greetings after the Angelus, Francis spoke of his trip to the Asian country on Thursday, a “visit much desired” and an opportunity “to embrace a Church small in number but alive in faith and great in love.” And meeting “a noble and wise people with great religious traditions”

Francesca Sabatinelli – Vatican City

Francis is looking forward to his imminent departure for Mongolia, where he will be from 31 August to 4 September. A visit under the motto “Together Hope”, as the Pope acknowledges after the Angelus prayer, is “very desirable” for a country and a people and on the occasion of the ecumenical interreligious meeting scheduled for Sunday 3 September at the Hon Theater.

It will be an opportunity to embrace a small church but full of faith and love and also to meet up close with noble and wise people of great religious tradition whom I would have the honor to know especially in the context of an interfaith event.

Then Francis addresses all the Mongols, saying that he is “happy to travel to be among you as a brother to all,” thanking the authorities for the invitation, as well as everyone who works to prepare for the trip and requests to accompany the visit. with prayer.

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