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Nintendo Switch may have overtaken the Game Boy, becoming the third best selling console –

according to VGChartz estimatesNintendo keys It will be soon surpassed Game Boy total sales (which also includes the Game Boy Color), making it the third best-selling game of all time.

Cumulative sales will be for Nintendo Switch 118.99 million, calculated until the beginning of December 2022, while the Game Boy can boast of 118.69 million. We remind you that VGChartz is not considered a particularly reliable source, as it often gives estimates instead of certain numbers. Furthermore, in any case, it is not an official source, and therefore we cannot consider what is indicated as confirmed: we will have to wait for confirmation from Nintendo itself.

VGChartz numbers, in any case, allow us to do so Understand what the numbers are roughly So far achieved by Nintendo Switch. Given that 2023 is going to be a busy year for the company and that there are several major games being released, above all The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, it’s plausible that the console could overtake the Game Boy, in case it didn’t already.

Next goal The Nintendo DS, which dominates the top with 154.02 million, will be just behind the best-selling console of all time, the PlayStation 2, which boasts about 159 million units sold.

In 2022, the Switch is the best-selling console, but a Nintendo Switch 2 could be produced according to reporter Zenji Nishikawa, and this could “end” sales of the current console and prevent it from making it to the DS.