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University of Bonn, unprecedented alarm! Antarctica is melting fast, it has never been like this before »

Weather: University of Bonn, unprecedented alarm! Melting fast in Antarctica, it was not like this

Antarctica is in crisis. Global warming is becoming more and more dangerousIn recent years we hear a lot about Global Warming And its effects are particularly relevant and especially Al North PoleIncluding melting Arctic ice. L ‘AntarcticaInstead, it has remained more silent, but some scientists have experimented with extensive research by releasing a file Really worrying sign Which shows what the continent is like in grave danger.

To deal with it as reported by the newspaper RepublicIt was a study conducted byBonn University It was published in the magazine Nature Connectionswhich highlighted that the last ice cap occurred about 19,000-9000 years ago, after which the climate would have experienced a significant rise in global warming and Antarctica would have repeatedly dropped masses of icebergs into the sea.
It seems that this situation, which has happened for several years, has been repeated in recent years as well. According to research experts, in fact, Antarctic ice cover could have caused destabilization over the past decadeAnd the Contribute to sea level rise.
The danger is meeting the point of no return, the so-called “tipping point”.

Study author Dr. Michael Weber FromBonn Universitywas particularly concerned and stated: “Our findings are consistent with a growing body of evidence suggesting that the acceleration of Antarctic ice-mass loss over the past few decades could mark the beginning of a self-sustaining and irreversible period of ice sheet retreat and significant global sea level rise.”

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Zoe ThomasFromUniversity of New South WalesAnd the Sydneywanted to send an important message about the unstoppable global warming that is causing catastrophic effects on our glaciers. “If it only takes a decade to overturn a system like this, it would be very scary because if the Antarctic ice sheet in the future behaves as it did in the past, we should experience a reversal now, otherwise it will be hard to come back.”