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Here's what to eat in August for energy

Here’s what to eat in August for energy

Summer is known to be weaker, and this intense heat causes low stress and general exhaustion. Food can make a huge contribution to this. In particular, some foods can be eaten this month to gain more energy and to compensate for the alarm of weakness. Here’s what to include in your diet.

Weakness stimulating foods

Here are the foods to include in the diet to gain more strength.


honey is food fromhigh nutritional power, Suitable for exercisers, but also for those with hypoglycemia: it consists of sugars, especially fructose, and is often used as a substitute for a natural sweetener, but be careful not to overdo it.

dried fruit

Among the foods that contain energy there are almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts and pistachios excellent for counteracting fatigue. Being fatty foods, it is important to pay attention to the quantities: the best Avoid eating more than 30-40 grams per day So as not to frustrate the efforts of dieting. They’re perfect as a mid-morning snack, and pair with fruit, too.


Wheat is also a valuable food for energy. However, it is not necessary to consume (only) classic bread, pasta and the like: in fact, we can also include them in the diet wheat germ. Able to guarantee mineral salts, vitamins of group B, E, D and folic acid. It is usually combined with Milk or vegetable drinksOr in soups and salads.


Fruit is also among the energy foods. Bananas provide potassium and magnesium that are able to provide energy and eliminate fatigue. Indeed, even one fruit at once puts at our disposal energies ready for use and encourages us: it helps, in fact, to improve mood and relax the body. It is also excellent against abdominal cramps.

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an egg

The‘scrambled egg’ In the morning, in times of stress or during seasonal changes, it is a classic “Grandmother’s Remedies” against fatigue. It was actually always the case for pre-exam boys. In general, a solid or scrambled breakfast egg, typical of an English breakfast, guarantees a lot of energy.

dark chocolate

Good news for gourmets who feel a little tired: dark chocolate helps a lot with fatigue. In fact it contains theobromineWhich improves our resistance to fatigue and energizes us. Moreover, cocoa stimulates the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, and reduces daily stress, not forgetting the pleasant feeling of psychological satisfaction that comes from the image of a good piece of chocolate. It is also recommended on low-calorie diets.

A weakness alarm also goes off during the cycle

Here’s what you can eat the most during that time:

  • You can introduce cocoa and dark chocolate to the speech he gave above
  • Eat more salmon that week, omega-3s will be beneficial to give you more energy and strength
  • Introduce more green leafy vegetables such as spinach and Swiss chard