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Covid, how do you make a good tampon?  The test is correct when the stick causes rupture

Covid, how do you make a good tampon? The test is correct when the stick causes rupture

Am I going to go looking to the right point? If I don’t feel pain or discomfort, will I do everything right? These are the questions that come naturally after doing a DIY smear. The concept is the same if it is the second person who helps test the subject, and most of the time he is not an expert on the subject. Yes, because getting tested for Covid is not for everyone. At the base there is a technology that was not born with the epidemic, but is taught in the health sector to search for viruses or other pathogens of a different nature. That is why the reliability of the result that appeared thanks to the do-it-yourself tampon is often judged much less by those who know it. That’s because the movement is often simply wrong, thwarting efforts and goodwill. So how do you make a good buffer against Covid? TheOr pharmacists always explain, who is transfused in two years just like doctors in hospitals.

“The complexity of implementing a tampon – explains Luca Degrassi, a pharmacist from Udine – is the main reason why we always recommend a formal observation with a competent person. There is so much variance due to the method applied.” In short, making mistakes is easier than you think. It is not enough to insert the wand in both nostrils for a reliable result.” “There are different techniques – continues the expert – and the best of them is definitely the nasopharyngeal investigation.” So there is room for tears, because in order to do a good test you have to “walk all the way,” to get to the small duct that The nostril connects to the pharynx. This is why a tampon is called the nasopharynx. Otherwise, even the name would not make sense.” Only in alignment with that duct – explains Degrassi – there is an area with the best conditions for the survival of viruses, and thus also the area that causes Covid . It is an area less exposed to external conditioning.” To give an example, the nostril is subject to stimuli more frequently than it is in the pharynx. Just think of a traditional sneeze or blow nose. “All actions that can alter the presence of the virus you want to look for with a swab,” the expert warns. One of the main concerns for those who have to get tested for Covid is the risk of experiencing pain. “But if done in the right way – concludes Degrassi – even a nasopharyngeal swab causes no pain. On the other hand, trying to get over it without having any jurisdiction in it is more dangerous.” Not only do you risk experiencing pain, but the likelihood that you will find yourself with an outcome that is far from the truth increases exponentially. but

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