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UK not very ‘green’: Sunak wants to postpone energy transition deadlines

UK not very ‘green’: Sunak wants to postpone energy transition deadlines

At this time, an official statement is expected from Sunak: that he intends to postpone the ban on diesel and petrol cars and gas boilers for five years. Criticism from the Labor Party, from part of the “conservatives” and from the Ford Motor Company. What if a domino effect is triggered? But the United Kingdom is not in the European Union.

Dramatic leak in the UK.
British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak It could postpone energy transition deadlines.


According to a report seen by some English media, on Sunak’s table, for example, is the possibility of postponing the ban on the sale of new diesel and gasoline cars scheduled for 2030 for five years and canceling gas boilers. It is expected to start in 2035.

The benefit in this case of Britain’s exit from the European Union…

As expected, there was no end to the criticism directed at Sunak.
But the UK, in this regard, has the great advantage of no longer being part of the European Union, and therefore of being able to enjoy a certain amount of freedom of movement…

The news leaked on the eve of an important United Nations summit on measures to be taken to stop climate change with a view to Zero emissions By 2050.

The opposite of sexy

Sunak’s proposal would be a dramatic ‘dilution’ of the intermediate roadmap, set out so far, towards commitments to reach the target. Zero carbon dioxide emissions By 2050, at the international level in response to climate change alarms.

The British Prime Minister plans to deliver a speech this week, perhaps already in these hours, to outline the planned changes in strategy: including, from what has emerged so far, postponing the final ban on the production and sale of motor vehicles until 2035. Fuel engines in the Kingdom Gasoline and diesel As of the 2030 deadline, which has been set under leadership Boris Johnson On the sidelines of the Glasgow Climate Conference CoP26 (2021).

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Meanwhile, in a written statement addressed to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in the face of the spread of reckless behaviour, Sunak confirmed that he wanted to intervene in the file “in the face of a changing economic scenario at the global and national level”, in the interest (in his opinion) of those Companies and citizens.
Maintaining the ultimate commitment to reach the zero emissions target “in 2050,” but – he wrote – in a more proportionate and gradual manner.

Criticism from everyone: Labor, the Conservatives, Ford and the car manufacturers

Words that were immediately criticized not only by the Labor Opposition or by members of the majority.“Conservatives” More sensitive to green policies such as, Alok Sharmaa former minister in Johnson’s government and former chair of CoP26, but from the same British car manufacturers organisation, is skeptical about second thoughts or reversible steps that might create uncertainty.

FordUnited KingdomIn the words of its president, Lisa BrankinHe took things seriously:
“Our work – shortened, and publicly commented on, on the intentions attributed to Sunak – needs three things from the UK government: ambition, commitment and cohesion. Postponing the 2030 deadline would destroy all three.”