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Mirror trick, the unknown system to stop the car in just 20 seconds

Mirror trick, the unknown system to stop the car in just 20 seconds

Car Parking-Mirror-MotorZoom

Parking nowadays seems to have become easier and faster thanks to a whole series of digital and technological supports that allow us to do it with absolute speed and accuracy. but?

You have to take this into consideration when you do this Parking And trolley, For a very wide range of details that sometimes drive citizens behind the wheel to commit crimes lightness Or the gods mistakes, Even just for distraction purposes.

The consequences can be enormous: a car can Damage, We could crash somewhere or cause damage to other cars, or worse, we could take a risk Run over someone. Just to give examples.

In fact, today, the mere idea of ​​parking is much more than that overwrought Follower past, Despite technological means, because there are places available A few, if not rare, no to in Rotation A lot: stress, madness, and haste. Everyone.

Sometimes it is not given to us Not even half a minute To be able to carry out the maneuver correctly, with all the necessary standards and attention: we must move, Hurry – quickly, Because maybe other cars They are playing behind, angry.

Park the car in 20 seconds, you can do it

So how do we do that? Relying on technology alone may not be enough, because if the eye wants its turn, as they say, it is clear how Practice H Experience He can still give one today Big hand. And there's more. There actually is one Technique, Kind of 'Secret' Let's keep it in mind, which allows us to park the car in a very short time, without risk, and without any doubt about practicality and Careers A brilliant maneuver.

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He found that parking the car in this way could only take twenty seconds. Specific trick “mirror trick”, That few people still know. indeed it is unknown For most.

Car mirror-(motorzoom)
Car mirror-(motorzoom)

Just twenty seconds and you're off: like this

Well, if you want to park Just 20 seconds, pFirst of all we need to place the car parallel to the car in front of the parking lot we want Slip. Then we need to align the side mirror, turning the steering wheel completely to the left. go to Reverse gear For some Centimeter We stop the car when it reaches the right corner center Follower Rear window.

At this point we report it Guidance In position straight, Continue reversing until the car passes Machine Which is ahead. Eventually you need to rotate it again right, Absolutely, yes Step back In the opposite direction until we are Collimated the sidewalk. Total maneuver: twenty-one seconds. Try it.