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UK, delta variant with 90% prevalence.  Of the 42 deaths, 12 were vaccinated.

UK, delta variant with 90% prevalence. Of the 42 deaths, 12 were vaccinated.

In the country most in Europe Vaccinate, start a campaign immunization who became a prototype Gifted all over the world Speed e noodlesThe alternate day is worrying Delta (i.e. Indian). If the British Minister of Health in recent days Matt Hancock stated that it is “40% more portable” So EnglishToday, this number has been revised by Public Health England (Phe), which raises the rate to 60%. The same Institute It also confirms that 90% of new cases in England due to the boom Delta: at kingdom united 42,323 cases have been diagnosed so far, an increase of 29,892 cases compared to last week, according to data from the British health system. And in the past 24 hours, infections rose to 8,125 from 7,393 yesterday, the highest level since then February. Dead 17 vs 7 yesterday. over there British Medical Association – Reports guardian – She launched an appeal to postpone the easing of the recent restrictions still in place, which the government planned to remove on June 21, due to the “rapid increase” in cases.

Mortality caused by the delta variable – However, Phe considers it “encouraging” that this increase in Contagion It is not accompanied by a relative increase in hospitals in the same proportions. It should be noted, however, that only in England So far they died in total 42 people to Indian alternative Twelve of those received a double dose of the vaccine for at least 14 days. As for the others, 23 were vaccinated and seven received their first doses for at least 21 days.

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Delta case growth rate. – It is increasing in all regions of the country and it reaches 39,061 cases in england, 3.035 inches Scotland, 184 inches Wales and 43 in Northern Ireland. the doctor Jenny Harris, Director of the UK Health Safety Agency, said: “With the increase in cases of the delta variant across the country, the vaccination It is our best defense. If you qualify, please vaccinate and remember that two doses provide much greater protection than one.”

variable override Delta on it alphaclearer Hancock, in May in A wonderful Brittany: alternative Delta, which was first seen in India, has become dominant, dominant What was the protagonist was overtaken in another intense wave of COVID-19 In British territory, it was originally identified in Kent. According to one epidemiological study, according to financial times, Covid-19 cases in United kingdom They have more than doubled in the last week. Team Spector, of King’s College London, the study’s lead author, attributes the growth of infection to increased social contacts and a highly transmissible delta variant, the strain now prevalent in the UK. The expert highlights that Covid-19 has become a “pandemic among the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated population”, adding that fully vaccinated people are “much more protected”.