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Two great pieces of news for those who have savings bonds and postal savings books: What you need to know

Two great pieces of news for those who have savings bonds and postal savings books: What you need to know

2024 News For those who own savings bonds or postal savings books: Here are the advantages they bring over ISEE.

Postal booklet (credits TG Poste) –

At least in Italy, that is Good returns any Postal books It is the best investment method for citizens. More and more advisors, faced with clients who do not want to risk “risky investments”, recommend these systems to put money aside and try to invest in the future. The methods have always seen significant benefits for the saver, especially in a context like the one opening in 2024.

Ease of investing in savings bonds and postal savings books

The most obvious advantages for the Italian consumer, as financial and economic advisors explain to us, lie in two options that witness a guaranteed return over time. Furthermore, savings bonds and postal savings books allow you to invest with reduced taxes for individual consumers. Moreover, with the 2024 changes, these financial instruments have become more beneficial to the citizen.

ISEE calculation factor in 2024

Among the new features for the new year first and foremost New rules for ISEE calculation. From the calculation of this economic parameter, savings bonds, postal savings books and other products guaranteed by the Italian state were excluded. Concretely, this step will allow you not to advertise, within your DSU, products with a value less than or equal to 50 thousand euros.

Interest on ISEE account

How do these factors positively impact the personal economy? Thanks to the change in the rules of the Common Alternative Declaration, we are able to exploit very important economic benefits. Among the most famous is that Benefit from lower ISEE. This will allow the individual or family to benefit from multiple rewards or benefits, such as: individual bonus; Utility bill subsidies; Discounts in university fees and other services.

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ISEE (Ansap credits) –

Changes made by the government

These changes in the ISEE calculation are the result of government actions with Giorgia Meloni, who made it He wrote the new rules in the 2024 budget law. Although many of the things in the document still need to have a tangible impact on the country's citizenship and economy, the executive is currently working on issuing an executive decree, which will then be subject to approval in the State Council and then published in Official Gazette.

The government's will regarding financial maneuvering

The initiative related to the new ISEE account came based on the proposal of the association that He saw Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti as one of the main promoters of the idea. According to the Minister of Economy, the measure will be ready in a few weeks, and citizens, with the help of CAF, will be able to benefit from the new rule as early as this year.