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Traffic: There is a mathematical explanation for the imaginary congestion  No one knows why this happens

Traffic: There is a mathematical explanation for the imaginary congestion No one knows why this happens

Traffic jam-(motorzoom)

Traffic, more traffic, always and only traffic: in our cities, at any time of the day or night, if we take a car we are always faced with new traffic. Smooth.

The bottles never seem to end, which… Snack from traffic jams I give one Moment to moment With no real explanation, no real solution, and no one knows how to explain when and if it all started Never end.

However, someone has dared to put forward a theory: More than anything else, it's almost a kind of thing equation Or interpretation Sports type Which, for the most part, seems to explain and identify the origin of part of traffic jam.

In fact, often, there are several reasons for this passage, Some of them are even completely different from each other. There are also different types of traffic, as defined “Fake bottles.” No one knows where they come from: or almost.

For so busy traffic It seems to come out of nowhere, At the same time it disappears, there will be almost a scientific explanation. At least for them fake traffic jams, at least. What will happen?

Traffic jams, mathematical explanation

If there are no accidents or slowdowns due to the detour, how does traffic build up out of nowhere and then start circling again after a while? The explanation will be In the “butterfly” effect. Which leads to a result, in the flow of the way, for each Minimal measures have been implemented When driving.

By studying Mathematical Society for Traffic Flow It would have been possible to prove that when A The driver slows down, So the backwards also do the same thing: it's one Logical discount And necessity. Thus, a kind of chain is activated, accumulating One after the other Drivers a Slower, Even traffic congestion.

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Traffic on the road-(motorzoom)

Scientific explanation for unexpected traffic

Everything depends on fluid dynamics: the presence of a certain quantity Preparation to to On the same road, every slight change in speed, even if slight, affects… Speed From others. Therefore, factors such as the interactive ability of those driving behind have an impact The Car Which Slows down s brake, the distance to safety, And possible Distraction Leadership.

To avoid Fake traffic jam It would be enough for everyone to move at the same speed, eliminating all forms of distraction, But this is it Technically impossible Just because human variables and choices themselves regarding the type of road use do not predict it. between who turning point, Who should? Stop, Who stands for Stop, Who has the habit of going over piano, It is inevitable that there will be differences. After all, we are not machines.