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Total eclipse told by a native of Varese in Mexico

Total eclipse told by a native of Varese in Mexico

Mexico but without clouds, fortunately: in much of North America, between the United States of America, and certainly Mexico, It was a day of waiting Total solar eclipse. phenomenon Rare and wonderful Which also attracted many tourists from all over the world as well as astronomers and scientists.

Photo Gallery

The solar eclipse of April 8 was photographed by a native of Varese 4 of 13

Among those who moved to watch the eclipse as well Marco Peri from Varese, passionate about astronomy, Who left for a few hours the organized trip he was taking to go Close to Durango, in Mexico, so you can experience the event in a convenient and isolated location. He sent us the photos you see in the gallery attached to the piece and told us about it Such special minutes.

“The only thing that surprised me was that Up to one second before the entirety From the eclipse You can not Anyway to watch The sun with the naked eyethen After a moment, yes, This is possible. The same thing happens when you finish Total Eclipse: Immediately afterwards it is no longer possible to view it. It's as if the sky has been broken for as long as it has been “It's unbelievable to see a black sun.”

Marco, as mentioned, found a suitable place, away from the chaos of the city but not completely depopulated. “I found the company Even outside populated centers: He emerged from a hut near my observation point A gentleman and started watching the eclipse with me At a certain point he called Wife and granddaughter (Alvaro, Yolanda and Luisa). We enjoyed those moments together and they gave me too bread rolls, Delicious homemade desserts. A way to thank me for the eclipse glasses I gave them.” (And also family photos and sweets in the gallery)

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In addition to local meetings there are also those “Aliens”. “When we landed at the airport, he was there too A group of enthusiasts from Greece. about twenty people, One of them was during its ninth eclipse Total amount of sunlight: Journey to these very rare and beautiful observable events.

One of the things that also shocked Marco Bird flight who “felt” the changes in light and temperature caused by a solar eclipse, “setting out in a flock at the end of the phenomenon, but also Such a special projection of shadows onto the floor.